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How to Style your Air Plants

Air plants are great for people who tend to forget to water their plants or don’t want the mess of dirt. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and go by the scientific name Tillandsia. These are low-maintenance plants perfect for beginners, but enjoyable for the most experienced gardeners.

When you first buy your air plant, you should soak it for 15 minutes. Then allow for it to dry upside down to ensure all the water drops can escape the leaves. Water trapped inside the plant can help produce mold. The bottom is where all the leaves begin together. Once fully dry, the plant can be flipped back over and it’s ready to be styled!

Depending on the size of your Tillandsia and location in which you keep it, misting or soaking will work. The smaller ones may only need a good misting every week or so, but the larger ones may need to be soaked up to 30 minutes. The more light and dryness in the air the plant experiences, the more watering the plant will require.

Key Styling Tips:
  • Do not placed in soil – there will be too much moisture at the base of the plant.
  • They love bright, indirect light – either artificial or natural light work!
  • Air plants require good air circulation – they absorb nutrients through the air.
These are the ways I’ve styled my own air plants:
Air plant in a lightbulb-shaped plastic container filled with a base of pink and mint decorative sand.
Ensure there are holes on the sides and at the top
of the container to promote air circulation.
It actually lights up and was intended to be a beverage
container, so the top is open for drinking.
air plants in hanging spherical glass containers with twisted twine loops
These plant holders are the millennial dream: light and chic!
You can add in decorative sand to match your room’s colour theme.
I’ve found them at Michael’s, Bradford Greenhouses and Colasanti’s.
air plant in spherical glass container with base on countertop
This is my favourite holder because it is so cute!
It’s my plant’s own little home to live in and
I keep it on my bathroom counter. I bought it at Colasanti’s.
Here are some images to inspire you that I found on Pinterest:
air plants hanging from sea urchins in tall glass vases from driftwood sticks
Found Here
air plant in a glass container with white sand - a hand is drawing swirls in the sand with a pointed stick
Found Here
air plant in unique driftwood piece
Found Here

Hanging your plants is a great way to add visual height to your space and leave desktop room for other items. Here is my macrame hanger tutorial you can try.

Hemleva, an online air plant shop, has created “Air Plant Dating Profiles.” This tool can help you learn about the various species and what might be a good match for you!

Here are two plants from their list:

Do you have other suggestions? Let us know in the comments. Tag @wellgrownhome on Instagram or use #wellgrownhome. You can find more indoor plant styling ideas on my Pinterest board!


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