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How to Propagate Haworthia

Zebra Haworthia can be propagated just like other succulents.

This process can help you expand your plant collection for next to zero money. Propagation essentially means that you are growing a new plant from the cuttings, seeds or roots of other existing plants. All you need is a growing Haworthia plant, tropical soil, knife, small stones, small shovel/spoon, extra pot/plant container and water.

Steps to Propagate

Step 1: Remove the plant from its current pot.

Step 2: Use a sharp knife to cut in between the main plant and the small bud/plant baby. Cut where they meet and ensure there are roots on both sides of the cut for a higher rate of survival.

Step 3: Put small stones in the bottom of the new container. This will ensure the roots won’t rot in any excess water.

Step 4: Insert tropical or succulent-specific soil into the container 4/5 of the way to the top, covering the layer of stones.

Step 5: Make an indent in the middle of the soil to fit the base and roots of your newly cut baby plant.

Step 6: Loosen the dirt around the roots of the baby plant and the original plant.

Step 7: Gently insert the roots of the baby plant into the soil. Build up the soil at the base of the plant to position it upright.

Close up of a small Zebra Haworthia plant in green and white glass votive on a wooden table.
I purchased this glass votive at Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery in Barrie

Step 8: Add some more dirt to your original pot and replace the main plant back into the container.

Step 9: Wait three days then thoroughly water to promote strong root growth.

Step 10: Place plants in indirect, bright light. Water once every two weeks or as needed. Washrooms are great places for succulents to retain moisture.

Once you have your propagated plant, it’s time to display it. Why not create a macrame hanger? It’s a great way to save tabletop space and add height to your decor. Give love to your growing plant collection!

black and white flower GIF by littlekingdoms

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