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Make a DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Use t-shirt yarn or other string to make an easy DIY plant hanger! It’s a perfect weekend project that can help you reuse an old shirt, reduce waste and brighten up your living space. Don’t have t-shirt yarn and want some? Use an old shirt and follow these instructions. If you want a light plant that cascades beautifully over the sides of the pot, here are some great suggestions from Posh Pennies!

Video Transcript:

Cut eight strips about the length of your arm lay them out with all ends flush to each other.

Measure five inches from the ends and tie in one big knot. Make sure it’s tight!

There’s your tassel bottom.

Divide the long ends into groups of two.

Measure two inches from the big knot and tie each pairing in a separate knot. 

Now, there should be five knots total in your hanger.

Next, take one string from each pairing and put it together with one string of the pair next to it.

There should be only two strings in each knot, except the first big one.

Measure six inches from the second round of knots for each new pair and tie a new knot.

There should be nine knots total.

If you have a larger pot you can repeat for another set of knots another five to six inches from your second round.

Get your potted plant (be sure it’s not too heavy!).

Place it on top of the first tassel knot.

Gather the ends of your yarn and spread the newly created netting around the base of the pot.

Be careful to not hurt your plant!

Tie the top strings in a big tight knot and hang where you wish.

Enjoy your hanging planter!  


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