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Eight Plant Lovers to Follow to Make your Instagram Feed Vivacious

Well-Grown Home started out as an Instagram account before it grew into a blog. Instagram can be a great source for inspiration, but following accounts is the best way to start finding new ideas from fresh perspectives.

I’ve compiled a brief list to start your journey into following more plant parents.

Check out who they’re following and who they share too – then you’ll create a whole web of connections and potential plant friends!

Christopher – plantkween

Explore this fabulous blogger’s Brooklyn adventures through a plant-lover’s lens. Not only are their pictures perfectly lit and overflowing with life, their smile can brighten up your day. While some ‘grammers post with minimal text, Christopher’s captions are fun, genuine and informative!

dark green plants with terracotta pots and a plant blogger

Judith de Graaff – joelixjoelix

Taking plant loving to the next level, Judith is the author of Plant Tribe and founder of Urban Jungle Blog. Her light and bright feed is full of pastel colours and vibrant plants. Check out Judith’s trio of black cats too that wander around her home and into her photos. She’s certified on Instagram, and in my books as a plant fanatic!

collage of pastel plant containers with small vibrant green plants and black cats

Darryl Cheng – houseplantjournal

If you’re interested in learning more about house plants, read Darryl’s informative posts. If you want some more deep reading, check out his book, “The New Plant Parent.” From speaking engagements to writing to YouTube videos… Darryl answers your plant questions across many platforms!

collage of green and white plants with long and large leaves and an Asian man

Andrea Grosu – basillicana

If you prefer plants in all shades of green, then this is the account for you. Andrea’s plants are plentiful and is great at staging them from the ceiling, on shelving and in terrariums. The neutral tones give Andrea’s photos an authentic fresh feel.

collage of indoor tropical plants and home decor

Nugie Pratama – aplant.addict

Nugie is an Indonesian plant parent whose positivity comes through in his love for sharing plants. Whether it’s a plant found on a walk or a leafy beauty in his home, Nugie just wants to show it to the world!

collage of tropical house plants with south-asian  person

Sarah B. – plantsiren

This page will tickle you pink with it’s lovely bohemian vibes. Sarah is a huge fan of Variegated Monstera. Look to see her puppy and turtle amongst the majestic plants. Oh, and I can’t forget – her bathtub is #goals!

collage of pink and boho plant-filled rooms

Eunice Hernandez – idrinkandigrowthings

This is a feed with unique plants and cute home decor. You’ll be able to see her own content and featured posts from other plant lovers too. If you are dreaming of a home bursting with life, you’d definitely find some inspiration here. Check out her Amazon suggestions too!

collage of indoor plants and brunette woman smiling

Nancy – sirenofsucculents

A college-aged plant lover’s idol and a succulent fanatic’s best friend – this page is full of positivity… and hundreds of small tropical plants. Check out the cool designs and arrangements filled with unique and popular succulents. Her captions are motivational too!

collage of green, blue and pink succulents

Are you an Instagram user who posts about plants? Whether its a regular occurrence or just occasional, tag @wellgrownhome or use either #wellgrownhome or #WGHlove so I can find your page! You can read about my plant background in my roots and see some of my Instagram posts below. Happy scrolling!

collage of plants, succulents, yellow bird and blonde female sitting with plants


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