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Plants Should be your Next Best Friends

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You can pick your friends, so why not pick a plant! I have personified some house plants. Which one will you choose?

– Sarah Tyler

Green, bright, cute, and even considered grown-up goals: houseplants should be your next best friends. 

Adding a houseplant to your living space can be a great step towards more responsibility. You will need to maintain a relationship with your houseplant and find a plant where you compliment each other’s lifestyles and needs.

Choosing a plant can be like choosing a friend. Your goals must align so you can support each other. 

You need to know how much time you’re able to put towards the relationship. Are you around frequently? Will your plant be sad and miss you? They might want to relax with a cool drink of water – but if you’re only planning to visit them every few weeks they might be better off with a different bestie. 

Georgiana Mirela

Succulents and cacti often want time to themselves. Let them rest by the window and check on them once or maybe twice a month (if they’ve come back from a vacation in the bright sun). 


Ivy are often casual friends. They’re loyal, and if you don’t see them often they’ll still continue the friendship right from when you left off then next time you meet.

Polka dot plants will be your dramatic friend. They’ll be fine for only a few days before they desperately want to catch up with you… and have another drink.

Chinese evergreens are vibrant… quite often the life of the party and will tickle you pink with their pink-toned leaves. They take up space in the room and conversations. They’ll always want a refill on drinks. 

Sometimes a friend can be overbearing; you need to know your limits. Philodendrons want to hang out every weekend but only at your small apartment. They take over and want to be the centre of attention.

Carolyn V.

Then there’s the beautiful African violets… they’ll want to be pampered. Think sips of champagne at the end of the day. They dress up often but only have a small closet of their favourite items. They’re a light packer and won’t bombard your apartment with a huge amount of stuff. 

Snake plants make you want to watch your back. They’ll say one thing, but mean another. They want to meet for coffee but then cancel after you’re already in the cafe. 

Severin Candrian

Finally, one of the easiest friends to have is the air plant. No fuss, no worries and always there to brighten your day. They’re a favourite friend of mine due to their reliability. 

Whatever plants you decide to bring into your life, know that it’ll be nice to not be lonely. Any plant friend can be a great one. Make the first move and just say hello!

Now that you have thought of adding a plant to your network, what do you think about naming your plants? I wrote some of my opinions on plant parenthood in a past post. Showcase your plant friends on Instagram! Don’t forget to tag #wellgrownhome so we can all see.


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