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Indoor Plants that Add a Pop of Colour (Other than Green!)

Bring some life to your home with no shortage of colour! Many plants are green and that’s okay but some vivacious blooms or vibrant foliage can really make a space brighten up with cheer. Here are some options to inspire you in your plant decorating.

Orchid // Orchidaceae

Photo by Negative Space

Stunning blooms with unique colouring and a touch of elegance, these will elevate your space. The blooms don’t last forever but give it some dormant time and you’ll get new flowers.

Polka Dot Plant // Hypoestes phyllostachya

Get the pink, red, white… or all three, they won’t take up much room! This adorable plant is dramatic between waterings, so don’t give up if it looks droopy.

Mosaic Plant // Fittonia albivenis

Photo by Anne Nygård

Closely related to the polka dot plant, this one has little rosy lines on the leaves that make it look like a piece of Ancient Grecian artwork. It stays small, so you don’t have to worry about it taking over your space.

Purple Shamrock // Oxalis triangularis

This vibrant plant has triangular, clover-like purple leaves. It even has small white flowers that can appear multiple times throughout the year. The cutest part is this plant closes its foliage and goes to sleep at night or in dim lighting!

African Violet // Saintpaulia ionantha

Photo by Carolyn V

Super easy to grow and blooming several times per year, this small plant will add some cheer to your home. Find it in indigo, pink and white at many garden centres year-round.

Purple Passion Plant // Gynura aurantiaca

This plant looks like royalty with its velvety foliage of purple over a dark green base. It can grow enough to cascade, making it a nice hanging plant. Personal story, I bought it for a fairy garden… it outgrew the little planter in a month.

Jasmine // Jasminum spp.

If you’re looking for some colour with a beautiful floral fragrance, jasmine is the answer! The pink and white blooms are gentle and delicate.

Croton // Codiaeum variegatum

Photo by Madison Inouye

This one has the warm colours of a sunset and fall leaves. It’s most easily found in August/September but you can find it in shops with tropicals throughout the year. Heads up, it’s not as easy to maintain as other plants.

Lady Valentine // Chinese Evergreen // Aglaonema anyamanee

My favourite on the list… and also called Sparkling Sarah, this plant is mid-size and had pretty pink patterns on its leaves. Be sure to give it lots of diffused sun to keep the colour prominent. The Lady Valentine is easy to care for and makes a statement.

Geranium // Pelargonium spp.

Photo by 김 대정

Several types can be grown as houseplants and they’re easy to find in garden centres, especially in early summer. These easy-to-grow plants require lots of light to keep them blooming. They give off an English-Garden feel with their blooming clusters.

Do you have any more favourites to add? Let us all know!

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    1. I’m just missing the mosaic, African violet and croton! I’m hesitant to get the first two so I don’t over clutter my space right now with small pots. I don’t love the croton’s warm colour tones, just not my vibe. Thanks for coming by my blog!


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