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Spreading Positivity One Sticker Set at a Time

This May, Well-Grown Home has teamed up with Designing Polly to create a sticker set for a cause! Both living in the Barrie area, both myself and Kelsey Morin are self-starting creators loving local and the beauty of the world around us.

With my love of flora and her designing talent, we created a set of two stickers featuring positive messages… and, of course, two of my favourite flowers! $1 from each set sold will be going towards the Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie, Ontario.

Photo by Kelsey Morin

The Cause

I was raised to give back whenever I can. In particular, supporting women and children’s shelters has been a huge part of the past seven plus years of my life. In university, I was heavily involved in the fundraising for a similar organization with my sorority (and still am!).

Seeing the need for organizations that give women a safe place for protection, learning, rehabilitation and overall support has pushed me to continue seeking opportunities to benefit these shelters as much as possible. #WGHlove

Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie is an emergency shelter that operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. It can accomodate 27 women and children at a time but also offers off-site support.

These are some of the many functions that this shelter supports vulnerable women in our community:

  • Short Term Solution-Focused Counselling
  • Safety Planning
  • Information And Education About Violence Against Women
  • Referrals To Other Community And Social Service Agencies
  • Public Education About Violence Against Women
  • Legal Information And Support
  • Safety Planning
  • Legal Referrals
  • Accompaniment To Legal Appointments & Court Support
  • Public Education About Violence Against Women
  • Psycho-Educational Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Individual Counselling As Needed
  • Public Education About Violence Against Women

I encourage you to explore their website for more information.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and loved.

The Stickers

If you’re interested in supporting our collab and Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie, have a peek at these limited-edition stickers! Both stickers come in a set. The positive messages recognize the value of the people who make up our community. Every single person matters. YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

Sticker #1: Lavender

Photo by Kelsey Morin

Sticker #2: Hydrangeas

Photo by Kelsey Morin

They are going fast, so if you are interested – buy now!

P.S. Remember you are so incredibly valuable and anyone should be honoured to know you. You are worthy of love, so add your beauty to the world!


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