Sharing Kindness to Make a Soul Bloom

Every day we make decisions that have the potential to make someone else’s day. Acts of kindness may be extraordinary or straightforward, but still are meaningful to those on the receiving end. It can also make you feel good to be the reason for someone’s smile. We often give and receive flowers on important days,Continue reading “Sharing Kindness to Make a Soul Bloom”

Eight Plant Lovers to Follow to Make your Instagram Feed Vivacious

Well-Grown Home started out as an Instagram account before it grew into a blog. Instagram can be a great source for inspiration, but following accounts is the best way to start finding new ideas from fresh perspectives. I’ve compiled a brief list to start your journey into following more plant parents. Check out who they’reContinue reading “Eight Plant Lovers to Follow to Make your Instagram Feed Vivacious”

Make a DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Use t-shirt yarn or other string to make an easy DIY plant hanger! It’s a perfect weekend project that can help you reuse an old shirt, reduce waste and brighten up your living space. Don’t have t-shirt yarn and want some? Use an old shirt and follow these instructions. If you want a light plantContinue reading “Make a DIY Macrame Plant Hanger”

Six Plants to Grow for Your Beauty Routine

Everyday we use products on and around our bodies that are supposed to help us stay fresh as the flowers. Unfortunately many of these products contain harmful, synthetic chemicals. The best products we can use in our beauty routines can come from our own backyards! I’ve gathered six plant recommendations for you to naturally enhanceContinue reading “Six Plants to Grow for Your Beauty Routine”

How to Grow Seeds Indoors

By growing lavender inside a Jiffy windowsill greenhouse, I show you how to start seeds in the springtime. Here is the transcript for the video: Hi, and welcome back to Well-Grown Home. My name is Sarah and today I’ll be showing you how to use a Jiffy greenhouse to start your seeds indoors. Here IContinue reading “How to Grow Seeds Indoors”

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