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Six Themes for Decorating Fairy Gardens

Fairy Gardens are great for children to develop an interest in gardening and help adults express their creativity. Depending on the climate of where you live and your desired effort level, Fairy Gardens can be integrated into outdoor landscaping or in outdoor containers too. Most Fairy Gardens in Ontario would need to be indoor-only, orContinue reading “Six Themes for Decorating Fairy Gardens”

Six Herbs to Grow Indoors

Whether it’s only during the winter months or you don’t have an opportunity to plant herbs outside in a yard or on a balcony, growing herbs can help keep meals exciting and fresh. It’s a way to liven up your kitchen and add a nice fragrance to your dishes, even if you dry your herbs.Continue reading “Six Herbs to Grow Indoors”

Top Greenhouses to Visit this Weekend

Visiting a greenhouse is the perfect weekend activity; it’s great as a solo trip, with friends, with a significant other and it’s also kid-friendly! Ontario has many places to buy plants with garden centres at many home improvement stores, superstores and grocery stores too. Depending on the location, the employees will have more or lessContinue reading “Top Greenhouses to Visit this Weekend”