My Roots: Meet the Green-Thumb

For the love of plants, sharing and creativity

Sarah, Well-Grown Home founder, smiling and holding light pink roses

Hello! My name is Sarah Tyler and I am the founder of Well-Grown Home. I have always visited greenhouses, home decor stores and garden shops. As a child, I would help my mother and grandparents with their gardens. I was consistently trying new things, such as planting pansies in my sandbox instead of the black dirt.

My “gardening career” began when I worked for an elderly couple tending to their many residential gardens. I gained professional gardening experience while working for the City of Barrie as a Horticultural Assistant in 2015. Most recently, I worked for The Home Depot at their Kitchener West location in the Seasonal Department and Garden Centre in 2019.

“I love connecting people to the resources I’ve found and being able to help

inspire others to make their everyday lives more vivacious.”

The act of sharing knowledge with friends and strangers as we show each other what we have put together is something I’ve always loved. I am excited to see new growth on my plants and put together new indoor and outdoor arrangements.

I created Well-Grown Home to provide helpful tips and ideas to inspire vivacious living spaces. I intend to provide a community space for every gardener, from beginners to green-thumb pros, to grow and learn together.

Aside from my gardening life, I am working full-time as the Marketing Manager for a local food distributor, FreshSpoke and spending a lot of quality time with my family and partner.

Overall, I am an energetic person, striving to be my best in all that I do. I am passionate about self-understanding and growth but interested in the connections and relationships between various people, places and things. When I am not in the garden or working, I can be found leading as an Alumnae Executive of Alpha Omega Sorority or volunteering with Laurier Alumni. You can also catch me creating and painting. I love to let my creativity shine through video projects, events and crafting, as I am an immensely hands-on individual. I’m a busy bee, but my positivity helps me thrive!

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