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Well-Grown Home

Inspiration and helpful tips to make your living space vivacious

Three small mint and white painted terracotta pots with succulents

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View designs, arrangements and at-home staging to stimulate your creativity.

Where to visit and where to buy plants

From tropical gardens to local shops, Ontario is full of places for plant lovers.

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Dome-shaped glass planter with air plant inside
How to Style Air Plants

Add colour, texture and levels to make your tillandsia stand out.

Various of spices and herbs in wooden spoons. Flat lay spices ingredients chili, peppercorn, rosemary, thyme, star anise, sage leaves and sweet basil on concrete background.
Six Herbs to Grow Indoors

When the snow hits, you can still keep adding freshness to your food.

Bonsai tree in rectangular planter surrounded by small bamboo stalks in globe-shaped containers.
Top Greenhouses to Visit

Check out some of these popular Ontarian nurseries this weekend.