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How to Grow Seeds Indoors

By growing lavender inside a Jiffy windowsill greenhouse, I show you how to start seeds in the springtime. Here is the transcript for the video: Hi, and welcome back to Well-Grown Home. My name is Sarah and today I’ll be showing you how to use a Jiffy greenhouse to start your seeds indoors. Here IContinue reading “How to Grow Seeds Indoors”

How to Germinate Seeds… Successfully!

Gardening is a great way to spend your time. It can give you ingredients for your kitchen, it brings your living space to life and it is a method of self-care. Starting plants from seeds can be easy – sometimes they grow without you wanting them and sometimes it’s challenging – nothing grows at all.Continue reading “How to Germinate Seeds… Successfully!”

Six Herbs to Grow Indoors

Whether it’s only during the winter months or you don’t have an opportunity to plant herbs outside in a yard or on a balcony, growing herbs can help keep meals exciting and fresh. It’s a way to liven up your kitchen and add a nice fragrance to your dishes, even if you dry your herbs.Continue reading “Six Herbs to Grow Indoors”